At Mindful Maven Studio, we are deeply committed to creating a business that gives back to nature and ensures a harmonious balance between conscious and delightful consumption. To demonstrate our dedication to the environment, we are thrilled to announce that we now offset the entire CO2 emissions from delivery, completely free of charge to you. Shopping with Mindful Maven Studio means making a positive impact on the planet.

To achieve this initiative, we have partnered with the global leader Tree-Nation, which also collaborates with renowned companies like Google and Nivea to take the right environmental actions. Thanks to Tree-Nation’s advanced technology and expertise, we can now compensate 100% of our website’s CO2 emissions.

For every sale made on Mindful Maven Studio, we plant one tree in our small but growing company forest located in Madagascar. We have chosen to plant the Rhizophora Mucronata species, which can be found on coasts and river banks in East Africa and the Indo-Pacific region.


As a newsletter subscriber of Mindful Maven Studio, you are also playing a significant role in our mission to give back to nature. For each subscriber, we plant a tree for free, contributing to the growth of our small but expanding company forest in Madagascar, in collaboration with our partner Tree Nation.

Trees play a vital role in cleaning our air and water, creating habitats for biodiversity, promoting our health and wellbeing, and generating job opportunities for social impact. Your tree within our forest will make a tangible difference and help offset more than 20 deliveries by air.

Join us in our quest to make a positive difference for the planet and create a greener, more sustainable future together. Thank you for being part of this meaningful journey with Mindful Maven Studio.